Terms and Conditions

1. All business undertaken by Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s with its customers shall be subject to these conditions. The conditions shall be incorporated in the contract to the exclusion of any terms and conditions stipulated or referred to by the customer. No variation or amendment of these conditions or oral promise or commitment related to them, shall be valid unless committed to in writing, and signed by, or on behalf of both parties. All orders placed by telephone are bound by these conditions.

2. Upon ordering a deposit of 50%of the full purchase price is required in respect of all gowns and is non-refundable under any circumstances.

3. Goods ordered cannot be exchanged and money will not be transferred to other orders.

4. Ownership of all goods will remain with Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s until final payment has been received.

5. Risk in the goods shall pass to the customer immediately on delivery to the customer or in to custody on the customers’ behalf, whichever is sooner.

6. No claim for damages will be accepted once the goods have left the premises of Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s, and the buyer must satisfy themselves as to the condition of the goods and immediately draw attention to any defects or discrepancies. We will not be liable for any defects or discrepancies subsequently discovered.

7. Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s will store each dress free of charge for up to 48 hours before the date of the event, as advised on the original order. After this date a charge of £1 per calendar day will apply and risk in the goods will pass to the customer.

8. The remaining balance must be paid immediately upon arrival of your dress, into Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s, which is usually the time of fitting.

9. Unless a fixed date for the supply of goods has been agreed and stated in writing, on this order, the seller agrees to supply the goods ordered within a reasonable time. Goods, which are not available from stock, will take approximately 4-16 weeks to supply.

10. Balance of sale must be paid on the date, in full, either by cash or credit/debit card. Failure to make this payment will deem the goods available for sale to any other interested party and the deposit lost. Please note, that we will not accept payment by cheque for the final balance of your order.

11. Once measurements and sizing have been taken for the initial order of your purchase, Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s will not be held responsible for any weight gain or loss.

12. Orders for gowns which are not a standard length or measurement may be subject to a surcharge, the amount is not always known at the date of order

13. Alterations are made to each purchase at the buyers own risk and Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s cannot be made responsible for any alterations made.

14. The finished measurements of a “special length dress” can vary one inch either way. There is a surcharge of up to 30% for this requirement.

15. The seller agrees to provide to the customer advice and guidance in the choice of design, size, colour and measurements of gowns. However, the customer shall decide such matters and the seller accepts no responsibility for the choice made, or any problems which may result from any change in the customers instructions or due to the customers increase or decrease in weight, or size, subsequently to the date of order.

16. Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s purchase only from the reputable designers and whilst every effort is made to ensure the swatches of colour are accurate, there may be slight variance in shade which out of the control of Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s

17. Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s shall only be obliged to carry out services during normal working hours and shall be entitled to charge for any overtime worked upon request by the customer. In particular, where a customer requests that a dress be delivered before the usual time for a delivery (that is where a “rush” is requested), Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s shall be entitled to charge the customer the current rates which are in place with regards to “rush” orders.

18. In the unlikely event of fire, flood, or theft, Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s is not responsible for loss of any other funds except for the retail price of your dress.

19. Aimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s is not responsible in any way for services recommended by them involving a third party service or company.

20. It shall be the responsibility of the customer, to ensure that all requirements applicable to this contract, where the statutory, regulatory, municipal and/or otherwise whosoever, are duly complied with.

21. Aimee’s limited trading as Aimée’s cannot be held responsible for any issues regarding third party companies. Should there be any problems; it is not the responsibility ofAimee’s Limited trading as Aimée’s.